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The Great Hail Sale!

Due to a massive hail storm, Jeremy is dealing with extensive house repairs and having to replace his family’s two cars. We’re holding a sale to help with the expenses (deductibles suck!) so now is a great chance to pick up Dreamscarred products you’ve been wanting to get!

Miniatures – up to 50% off!

Print Books – up […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 4

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part IV: Embers on the Wind

Read Part I

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This is the final installment of A Fire So Pure

Lord Olarm peered at Ayrion from atop his cushioned throne. “Who did you say sent you here again?”

Ayrion swept another […]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

We’re pulling out all the stops on our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale this year! Starting right now, you’ll find the following discounts available at

And any order that includes a printed book will receive a […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 3

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part III: Cast In Shadow

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Read Part II

As Philiel clutched his arm, Ayrion waited until the last breath before flicking them out of phase with existence. He flung them through the flames and back into physical reality so they […]

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Seventh Path Now Available!

Seventh Path

The latest release in our on-going Psionics Augmented product line, Seventh Path, is now available for download and print preorder!

Psionics Augmented: Seventh Path introduces the Athanatism discipline and the conduit option for the psion, as well as archetypes for all the psionic classes, two […]

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Akashic Mysteries Updated – Daevic Now Available!

iconicDaevic_smallThe download for the Akashic Mysteries Subscription has been updated to include the Daevic class! The daevic is an akashic knight who is bound in a symbiotic relationship with daeva, beings of pure akasha energy. The daevic download includes 30 pages of content, including […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 2

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part II: Buried Secrets

Read Part I


Philiel thumped boot heels on the window sill and leaned his chair back. “When I introduce myself to someone, I don’t take a whole week to do it.” He turned to where Ayrion meditated in the center […]

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Get the Psionics Unleashed Revised Edition!

Psionics Unleashed was released 4 1/2 years ago as our first product for the Pathfinder RPG. Since then, our books have steadily grown in production quality – from black & white art to full color art, from minimal page dress to a professionally-designed page format. But Psionics Unleashed hasn’t been updated since. While Ultimate Psionics has […]

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Mythic Psionics Now Available!

Let’s Get Mythic!

If you’re using mythic rules in your Pathfinder RPG campaign and you use psionics, rejoice, for Psionics Augmented: Mythic Psionics is now available!

With over 70 pages of content, including a new mythic path, mythic feats, three hundred mythic powers, and even mythic psionic monsters, this book is essential […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 1

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part I: A Pattern of Power

Ayrion sat on a boulder beside the road, knowing an unseen watcher stood nearby. He kept his eyes shut, sensing the surrounding farmland with its windswept crops and animal dens, as well as its hidden spaces…pockets of silence and shadow […]

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