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iconicDaevic_smallThe download for the Akashic Mysteries Subscription has been updated to include the Daevic class! The daevic is an akashic knight who is bound in a symbiotic relationship with daeva, beings of pure akasha energy. The daevic download includes 30 pages of content, including the daevic class, feats for the daevic, and all the veils a daevic can use, as well as the rules for veilweaving.

If you have already purchased Akashic Mysteries Subscription from our store, you can access your download by clicking on the My Account link.

With only one more release set for Akashic Mysteries before we compile everything into a single tome, this means most of the content in Akashic Mysteries is now available for download and use in your Pathfinder RPG games!

Akashic Mysteries is a new subsystem for the Pathfinder RPG that introduces the veilweaving system. It is very loosely based on the concept of incarnum from 3.5, but is a complete redesign of the system and has undergone extensive and ongoing public playtesting. The previously-released Vizier and Guru are also available in this download. Each class is included in its own PDF.

Daevic artwork by Gordon Napier.

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