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Chief Pulgok had seen fit to give Kluk one of the houses in what was formerly Glenholme, now called Name-To-Be-Determined.  The house still had three of its walls and most of  its roof, which was more than Kluk was used to having over his head at any given time.  Outside of his house, the five remaining goblins from Kluk’s unit stood guard, apparently indebted to their lieutenant for making sure they all came out of the assault alive.  If Kluk turned to look out of the hole in the wall, he could see them marching by, horse choppers held high in the air.  They’d been at it for three days now without rest, and it was showing.  Two of Kluk’s “guards” bumped into each other while patrolling and were now leaning on each other to sleep standing up.

The door to Kluk’s new home creaked open as Chief Pulgok entered the house, flanked by two very mean hobgoblin guards.  Kluk did his best to stifle a whimper of fear.

“Your goblins seem very taken with you, Commander Kluk.” Chief Pulgok began. Kluk was beginning to hate getting promoted. “Such loyalty should be rewarded.  But your position leaves you with additional… responsibilities too.  We have an issue.  One of those vile mutt things the humans love so much is still at large in the city.  It’s been attacking my goblins and hobgoblins for the last few days.  Obviously this isn’t something we can allow, is it commander?  I’d like you to flush out the beast and kill it.”

Chief Pulgok loomed over Kluk, his teeth showing in a wicked grin.  It was very hard to disagree with him.

Kluk wandered through the alleys and streets of Name-To-Be-Determined, whistling as best he could to try and call out the dog.  A number of goblins were following him, apparently interested in witnessing the incredible goblin hero at work.

Kluk kept whistling and smacking what he assumed would be good hiding places for a dog with his horsechopper, hoping to scare it out of hiding, while also trying his absolute best to not find the thing.  He wandered all the way around the outside of the city, near the walls, then cut through the inner areas, making a spiral towards the center of town.

Kluk’s patrol of the entire town proved thankfully fruitless, and he returned to his house with the sound of disappointed goblins following him.  Kluk closed the door behind him and sat down on the large bed.  He sighed heavily and rubbed his ears.

“Woof!”  Kluk rubbed his ears again, digging out a chunk of wax.

“Woof!”  Kluk turned his head slowly and saw a most terrifying sight.  It stood on stubby little legs, its head as large as its body with eyes that bugged out of its skull like some kind of demonic fly.  Slobber dripped from its lolling tongue as its stubby tail whipped back and forth menacingly.

The tiny dog barked again, revealing needle like teeth perfect for ripping out poor Kluk’s throat.  Kluk shrieked and jumped back off the bed, stumbling over his horsechopper and landing flat on his back.  The dog waddled to the edge of the bed and hopped down, landing on its stubby legs.  It stood at just shy of chin height against Kluk, looking up at him with bulging eyes the color of mud.  Kluk suddenly wished very much that he had actual bodyguards.  Out of the corner of his eye, he could still see the two goblins leaning against each other and snoring.

Kluk lunged for his horsechopper, and managed to get it between himself and the dog, sadly with the wrong end pointed at the beast.  Kluk waved the butt end of his horsechopper at the dog menacingly, but the dog bit and held the end of the horsechopper, growling through its teeth.  Its tail lashed back and forth as it tried to pull the weapon from Kluk’s grasp.  Kluk tugged with all his might, and flew backwards when the clever beast finally released its grip.  The dog barked again and ran up to the prone goblin.  Kluk was certain that his death would come, but the dog wasn’t finished toying with him yet.  Kluk looked on in horror as it began tasting him, licking the side of his cheek with its vile saliva.  In shock, Kluk lept up and abandoned his weapon, running full tilt out of the house and through the town.

He ran straight through the center of town, where most of the other goblins were gathered, the dog barking and lashing its tail in pursuit.  The other goblins stopped what they were doing and began following too.  Kluk made a beeline for the main gate, as the onlookers all shouted for it to be opened.  The ground shook as the gate pounded into the dirt and Kluk was across it before anyone could even blink.  He dared to glance back, and saw that the vile creature was still chasing him, baying in its hellish voice with every stride.  Kluk ran deep into the woods and scampered up a tree with all the grace and skill that terror could provide.  He watched the dog search around for him, tracking his scent.  Eventually its barks turned into a whimper and it wandered off.  Carefully, Kluk descended and silently picked his way through the forest back to Name-To-Be-Determined.  The sun was setting by the time he arrived, and the walls were crowded with goblins.  A cheer went up as Kluk returned, and the gate lowered to let him back in.

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