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2016 has passed and 2017 has arrived. With that, the time has come for us to look back on what we did in 2016 and look forward to what we’re planning for 2017. While our plans might change, adapt, or spawn entirely new concepts and ideas, this is what we are thinking, right now, is the plan for 2017.


Our Patreon campaign has been a consistent success for Dreamscarred Press. Not only does it allow us to communicate with our fans and know we’re focusing on the right things, it also lets us know that our new product will be financially successful, a drastic change from past releases. But with this success comes challenges.

Going forward, we will be adjusting some of our Patreon tactics to counter some of these challenges we’ve found. We will most likely be shifting our patron voting model to a more general voting system to allow us a more stable release and development environment. Right now, something that seems popular in an earlier voting cycle might get completely upstaged by something else the next time around. This makes it hard for us to plan longer-term. We will be talking more about this directly with our Patreon supporters to find the best way forward.


We had eight releases with psionic material in 2016 including popular ones like Psionics Augmented: Soulknife, Living Legend and Kineticists that really helped expand upon the psionics options. Our intention is to continue our focus on psionics during 2017 through both Patreon releases and our regular releases – in fact, we’re expecting to hit enough Psionics Augmented material to start work on a new print compilation of our material. We’d love to hear more about what you, our fans, want to see in the future for psionics. So far we have the following planned and in different stages of writing, playtesting and layout: Fleshcrafting, Psychic Warrior I & II, Symbiotes, and possibly a new base class or two.

Path of War

In the past few years we’ve done two big releases for Path of War and this year we will be focusing more on smaller releases, as well as getting a big update/errata out for the core book. We’ve taken feedback, suggestions, and tons of playtest data to rejig how Path of War works and we hope this errata will help with some of those questions. While we released Path of War Expanded last year in both PDF and print, we also started Divergent Paths with the Roil Dancer PDF. We’ve continued the Divergent Paths line with the Medic just as we moved into 2017 and our intention is to continue releasing smaller supplements for Path of War this year. We’ll also release more material for Path of War in some of our more experimental releases, like the upcoming Lords of the Wild, which we’ll talk more about later.

Akashic Mysteries

Another big book finally released in 2016, Akashic Mysteries has had some time to settle in with its final print release last year and this year we’re looking to start a new line of products which will support the veilweaving system, beyond what we did in Lords of the Night (which by itself wasn’t an Akashic book, but rather a vampire book). We thrive on the feedback from our fans and so we want to know what you look forward to and what you’d like us to expand on!

Other releases

In 2016 we released Steelforge: Book 1 and the wildly popular Monster Classes series. In 2017 we will be releasing the updated Bloodforge (available now!) and its print release as well as a new line of racial material in Bloodforge Infusions. Side by side with that we are finalizing a print release of Monster Classes I, as well as expanding the line! We’ll be introducing Animal Classes and another series of Monster Classes for those of you who want to take a swing at playing more of the monsters from the Bestiary series – including our own Psionic Bestiary!

 We launched a successful Kickstarter for our first novel – Mourners: Scum of Shatterdown which was finalized and released with a beautiful cover, available both in print, PDF, and as a Kindle ebook.

We’ll also be mixing subsystems with Divergent Paths: Rajah – giving you the Veilweaving Rajah initiator to mix up your gaming in the most interesting ways possible!

We’re hoping to release the ambitious Lords of the Wild, which takes an in-depth look at how to play werewolves in a Pathfinder game, not just as a monster, but as a group. In Lords of the Wild, we explore the powers and abilities that are unique to the shapeshifters, but also the community, the world within a world that defines the Pack and those who hunt in the wild, or hunt them in turn, just like we did with Lords of the Night.

We will also be expanding our Compatibility Licenses, so now you can make stuff that is compatible with Ultimate Psionics, Path of War, and Akashic Mysteries and put that on the front of your book! If you’re a publisher of (or considering publishing) something that builds off of psionics, veilweaving, or maneuvers – you’re welcome to use our free licenses!


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