Dreamscarred Press RPG Products

Dreamscarred Press RPG Products
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Welcome to Dreamscarred Press, the publisher of the psionics rules for the Pathfinder RPG, as well as a variety of other gaming products and miniatures.







Playtesting & Playtest Forums

If you’re looking for our latest playtest, all of our current projects are available in our Playtest forums. Here at Dreamscarred, we support open playtesting and release our new rules for public review to try to catch as many potential mechanical issues before we publish a new book. We started open playtesting with Psionics Unleashed and have been doing it ever since.

Telling the Story

And we have regular free fiction articles being released for your reading pleasure.

About Us

Dreamscarred Press is staffed by gamers who all have full-time jobs outside of publishing — if you have any questions, we will respond as quickly as our work and family schedules allow.

Featured Product: Psionics Unleashed